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20th October 2014

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i have been following this project for quite a while now so it was a lot of fun to watch this reading yesterday. incase you missed the live stream, you can watch chelseahodson's performance here

also, check out her tumblr:  http://chelseahodson.tumblr.com/ for all of the posts that made up this performance

19th October 2014

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"It is not the story I know or the story that you tell me that matters; it is what I already know, what I don’t want to hear you say. Let it exist this way, concealed; let me always be embarrassed, knowing that you know that I know but pretend not to know."

Jenny Boully, section 2 of “The Body,” from The Body: An Essay (Essay Press, 2007)

19th October 2014

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I may look like an essay, but I don’t act like one. I may look like prose, but I don’t speak like it. Or, conversely, I may move like an poem, but I don’t look like one.
— "On the EEO Genre Sheet" by Jenny Boully in Bending Genre (via srhj0y)

19th October 2014

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Each bit of jello had been molded
in tiny doll dishes, each trembling orange bit a different
shape, but all otherwise the same. I am urged out rummaging
into the sunshine, and the depths increase of blue above. A
paper hat afloat on a cone of water. The orange and gray
bugs were linked from their mating but faced in opposite
directions, and their scrambling amounted to nothing. This
simply means that the imagination is more restless than the
body. But, already, words. Can there be laughter without
comparisons. The tongue lisps in its hilarious panic.

19th October 2014

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There is a button on the remote control called FAV. You can program your favorite channels. Don’t like the world you live in, choose one closer to the world you live in. I choose the independent film channel and HBO. Neither have news programs as far as I can tell. This is what is great about America—anyone can make these kinds of choices. Instead of the news, HBO has The Sopranos. This week the indie channel is playing and replaying Spaghetti Westerns. Always someone gets shot or pierced through the heart with an arrow, and just before he dies he says, I am not going to make it. Where? Not going to make it where? On some level, maybe, the phrase simply means not going to make it into the next day, hour, minute, or perhaps the next second. Occasionally, you can imagine, it means he is not going to make it to Carson City or Texas or somewhere else out west or to Mexico if he is on the run. On another level always implicit is the sense that it means he is not going to make it to his own death. Perhaps in the back of all our minds is the life expectancy for our generation. Perhaps this expectation lingers there alongside the hours of sleep one should get or the number of times one is meant to chew food—eight hours, twenty chews, and seventy-six years. We are all heading there and not to have that birthday is not to have made it.

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18th October 2014

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Why yes, I had very sophisticated interests in sixth grade.

Why yes, I had very sophisticated interests in sixth grade.

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18th October 2014

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I believe that to have thought is to experience something in a special way—a way that far exceeds any other way. Many things in the world have become “real” because they were conjured up in thought. And to think from different perspectives gives birth to different stories. To think, therefore, is to create.
— Bai Xiaoyi in Loud Sparrows: Contemporary Chinese Short-Shorts

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